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Streamlined Process for Simplicity

Want to turn your cluttered closet into a well-organized, pride-worthy space? Voyager Closets' approach ensures a simple, stress-free experience, leading you to a closet you'll love. With our affordable and effortless process, realizing your dream closet is easy and enjoyable


To begin, we offer a free in-home consultation to discuss your closet organization needs. During this one-hour meeting, we'll assess your current closets, measure the spaces, and evaluate your storage requirements. We'll identify opportunities to streamline storage and maximize capacity. Voyager Closets excels in efficient organization within limited space.


Once you've chosen your preferred design, we'll promptly email or text you a digital proposal. Upon acceptance, you'll submit your initial deposit. The design will then be reviewed by our engineering team for accuracy. Once approved, we'll collect a progress payment and begin manufacturing your closets using high-quality materials in North America. The production timeline is typically 3-5 weeks. Once your closets are ready, we'll coordinate and schedule your Install Day for a seamless transition to the installation phase.


On the eagerly awaited Install Day, we'll quickly unload and install your custom closet. Our skilled team is timely and efficient, usually finishing a single closet in a day and multiple closets in 1-2 days. We guarantee a prompt, precise installation for a seamless closet experience.


Our custom closet design process has evolved. Instead of the traditional time-consuming method involving hand-drawn sketches, we utilize advanced software to generate multiple design options for reach-in or walk-in closets. This allows for swift collaboration, tailoring the space to your needs and budget.


Before your scheduled install day, there are a few important tasks to complete. Firstly, make sure the closet is completely empty by removing all items. Next, dismantle and remove any existing shelving and rods. Take the opportunity to address any open nail holes by repairing them or applying fresh paint to cover them seamlessly. It's recommended to perform these preparations 1-2 days prior to installation for proper drying time. By following these steps, you'll ensure a clean and vacant closet, ready for the installation process on the designated day.


Experience the excitement of stepping into a brand-new, remarkable closet that awaits your admiration! Embracing a functional and well-designed closet not only reduces stress but also creates a sense of spaciousness within even the coziest of homes. Don't delay any longer! Take advantage of the opportunity to schedule a complimentary and obligation-free design consultation.

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